Would Google Fail Its Own Quality Test?

After the recent leak of Google’s “Page Quality Rating Guidelines” I thought it would be interesting to carry out an audit of Google’s own website to see how well it does. How do you think it will do?

Here are the results of a manual audit of Google.co.uk carried out in line with Google’s quality guidelines.

Google Manual Audit

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Ali2012-09-09 18:57:26

Nice article. Well spotted. Very amused. Google's double standards are painful. On my browser I often accidently click on ads thinking them to be genuine SERPs due to the offwhite colour of the background. Google does not practice what it preaches!

A WordPress Commenter2012-09-09 19:46:19

Thanks for the feedback Ali and thanks for adding me to twitter. Good luck with your Bollywood chat site.

Andy2012-09-10 10:11:18

Like it :)

A WordPress Commenter2012-09-10 13:53:25

Thanks Andy:D

Nievo2012-09-10 23:14:39

They are the exemption to their rules. I think we cannot compare search engine to typical websites.

Rich2012-09-11 20:16:30

It's worth bearing in mind the difference between an web app and a web site. Rating any web app would give the same result – Twitter? Facebook? Kayak? Reddit? Actually, the more I think about this, the fact that people even see this as hypocrisy is absurd.

Josh2013-07-26 17:16:12

I thought some of the grading was a little harsh, but clever post nonetheless! Thanks for putting it together.


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