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About me

I am a Glasgow based Digital Marketing Consultant and throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to be involved in most areas of digital marketing but my main focus is helping businesses increase the volume of relevant visitors to their website while also increasing the likelihood that visitors will become paying customers. This means that I increase traffic by utilising a variety of digital marketing strategies including SEO, PPC, Digital PR and Social Media Marketing.

To help improve the chances that visitors become buyers I also to improve their conversion rate using a variety of CRO(conversion rate optimisation) techniques including A/B, data analysis and multivariate testing.

Although my main focus has always been search engine marketing, in recent years I've also been heavily involved in digital project management and have successfully delivered a number of web projects.  this means that I am well-placed to provide a holistic digital marketing solution to businesses of just about any size.

In my spare time I enjoy writing about digital marketing and I've been published on websites such as The Guardian and State of Digital.

Here are a few articles I've written in the past:

Steal SEO, PPC & Content Ideas From Your Competitors - My own blog
This article was very well received and appealed to both new and experienced digital marketers

How to get a job or progress your career in digital marketing - State of Digital
I wrote this blog post to help people who are interested in a career in digital marketing

Negative SEO: A new online evil - The Guardian
I wrote this article for The Guardian a number of years ago to raise the alarm about negative SEO

PR Inspired Link Acquisition Techniques - State of Digital
This article looks at strategies to get your website featured in the media and contains some examples that may or may not have involved me 😉


Below is an insight into some of the business sectors I've been involved in:

  • Automotive: I was recently the digital marketing manager for a large FTSE250 automotive retail company.  My job involved being responsible or the overall digital marketing strategy for the business and recruiting, then managing, a brand new in-house team.
  • Fitness: I helped an eCommerce fitness equipment retailer massively improve their web presence while also cutting marketing spend which resulted in a large increase in online revenue.
  • Sports Nutrition: I've been involved in the marketing and Digital PR for a number of sports nutrition brands.
  • Cosmetics: Responsible for the whole digital marketing strategy for several online luxury beauty retailers.
  • Finance:  I worked to improve the search engine presence of a finance business for relevant revenue generating search queries.  Part of this strategy involved in vastly improving blog content which actually led to the Director of the business being featured on national TV on several occasions.
  • Hospitality: I've worked with several hotels and restaurants to help improve their overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Dentistry: Helped a Glasgow based dentist increase his customer base using a mixture of SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.
  • Agencies: I’ve worked full-time in agency positions in the past but since moving in-house I’ve also worked with agencies on a consultancy basis to improve their online presence and digital marketing offering.
  • Fashion: Helped improve the online presence of a fashion retail business using SEO, PPC & CRO.
  • Agricultural: Helped an agricultural business build a brand new website and improve their search engine presence which resulted in an increase in leads for extremely high-ticket items.


  • Drupal: An open source CMS. I’ve been involved in the during the planning, design and development phase of Drupal projects and also worked on several projects that involved optimising Drupal sites from a conversion and SEO perspective
  • Magento: A CMS specifically for ecommerce websites. I’ve been involved in full lifecycle Magento projects including design, development, usability, SEO and CRO
  • NetDirector: A CMS specifically for the automotive industry.  I was involved in a huge project that involved migrating several websites from an old version of NetDirector to a brand new version of the software.
  • Joomla: Experience working on SEO projects for websites powered by Joomla
  • DotNetNuke: A content management system built on a .NET framework.  I’ve successfully implemented SEO strategies on websites built using this platform
  • WordPress: WordPress is actually one of my favourite open source CMSs.  I’ve been lucky enough to project management full design and development for large WordPress websites. I also enjoy creating my own WordPress websites in my spare time and the website you are currently visiting is powered by this platform
  • Google Analytics:  I use Google Analytics on a daily basis to analyse data, troubleshoot and use the findings to make improvements
  • Google AdWords: I’ve Google AdWords budgets of over £1million per year
  • SEMrush: SEMrush has got to be my favourite digital marketing competitive analysis tool.  I regularly use this tool to gain an insight into competitor’s digital marketing strategies
  • Other: Bing Ads, Screaming Frog, URL Profiler, Google Webmaster Tools, Visual Website Optimiser, Search Metrics & many others…


I think it's important to build an eclectic skill set when you work in digital marketing so I try to get involved in as many areas as possible.  Below will give you an insight into some of the areas I focus on:

  • SEO: I have successfully developed and implemented SEO strategies for small local businesses based in Glasgow and also large FTSE250 companies.
  • PPC: I’ve been responsible for the strategy, implementation and optimisation of a large number of PPC projects and worked with services such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Criteo and Facebook Ads to name a few.
  • Project Management: Being involved in web marketing naturally lead to me becoming involved in a number of web delivery projects. As a result, I eventually became involved in full end-to-end delivery on a number of projects.
  • UX, usability & CRO: Improving user experience should go hand in hand with any form of marketing that drives traffic to a website. I’ve been involved in several projects that focus on improving website usability throughout my career.
  • Web Data Analysis: Being able to interpret analytical data has allowed me to improve conversion rates, optimise spend and ultimately improve revenue.
  • Research: I’ve carried out online research for competitor analysis purposes but have also used my digital research skills to help companies make product buying decisions based on market trends.


I have developed and implemented SEO strategies that have helped businesses massively increase their search engine presence which in turn directly contributed to their bottom line.

Although I have worked with some large businesses during my career including one of the UK's largest automotive retailers, I also enjoy helping smaller local businesses succeed online and I am happy to offer a free initial consultation(not a sales pitch) to businesses of any size.

Here are a few examples of how I've helped businesses using SEO:

  • Helped a large online fitness retailer rank for a huge volume of extremely competitive search queries that directly generated sales
  • Gained number a large number of first page rankings for several local restaurants which helped them generate a large volume of bookings
  • Advised a Glasgow based finance company on their content strategy which led to a number of TV appearances on BBC and Sky
  • Helped an eCommerce start-up dominate a niche market due to a successful SEO and PPC strategy
  • Advised on a strategy for a local website design company that helped them achieve page 1 rankings for a number of competitive search terms which helped them generate a large volume of new business
  • Generated more search engine growth in the automotive industry than any other car retailer during a two year period

Here are a few examples of the type of projects I am most suited to:

  • Large eCommerce businesses that need a review of their SEO or PPC strategy. I've been able to help business in the past to refine their online marketing campaign to improve growth while also reducing advertising spend
  • A local business such as a dentist, restaurant, lawyers or vet that wish to extend their reach and increase their local customer base. I've been successful in helping local companies increase their customer base and improve customer retention rates
  • E-commerce businesses that feel that they are not capturing enough of the market and need advice
  • Technical audits and SEO strategy advice for large websites
  • Businesses such as pharmacies, dentists and vets that have a niche product offering and would like to market their business online
  • Replaced agency contracts with in-house personnel and drastically improved performance while also reducing spend for a large PLC

Things to consider before choosing an SEO agency or consultant

  • SEO is a complex process and nobody can guarantee page 1 rankings
  • There is an element of risk involved.  For example, if techniques are used that causes your website to fall foul of Google's Penguin algorithm there is chance that your rankings could suffer for a long period of time
  • Choosing the right agency or consultant will minimise any risk involved
  • SEO can be expensive, and even if you do rank better, there is no guarantee that visitors to your site will become paying customers
  • There are often quick wins to be had when it comes to SEO but  I would advise investing in carrying out a test campaign using PPC marketing before committing to a lengthy SEO contract


It's rare someone has such a broad range of experience across disciplines like SEO, PPC, PR and CRO while also constantly having their finger on the pulse when it comes to Google Algorithm changes, and the finer detail of Search Engine Marketing.

Scott Beveridge E-Commerce & Marketing Director

Gordon is a highly talented Digital Marketing Manager. I can personally recommend Gordon, until recently, I was in the same team as Gordon and found him to be consistently pleasant, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Liz Luesley Marketing Manager at Mercedes-Benz Retail

I believe that Gordon is unique in digital as he has a real in-depth knowledge of all areas including SEO, PPC, CRO, Development, Email, Analytics etc.
It’s rare to have someone with a depth of knowledge on all of the key areas.

Graeme Kerr Head of Online @ Lookers PLC


During my digital marketing career, I have worked with small businesses with budgets as low as £300 right up to massive retailers, including one of the UK’s largest automotive business, who spend millions of pounds each year on PPC marketing.  

Regardless of the size of the business, my approach is always very similar, I ensure that every penny spent is focused on generating a measurable return on investment.

What is PPC?

As you are currently reading this page there is a good chance that you have some understanding of what PPC is but I thought I would be useful to offer some clarity on the subject.

PPC stands for pay-per-click and it is a term used for any form of digital advertising when you are charged each time one of your adverts is clicked.

However, when people talk about PPC they are usually referring to adverts that appear on Google’s search engine result pages and are controlled by their advertising platform AdWords. It is important to remember that Bing also offers similar service called Bing Ads which is usually less expensive but offers far less potential in terms of visitor volume.

The amount that you pay for each click is determined by a number of factors including the quality of your advert, the quality of your landing page and the volume of other businesses competing to show for the same keywords.

PPC can also refer to some forms of display advertising that usually involves displaying a banner to specific audiences.  This is usually far less effective than search engine advertising as it is more difficult to target potential customers who are ready to buy.

Why is PPC advertising on the search engines so effective?

Historically if you wanted to reach out to potential customers you often had to develop marketing campaigns that reached a wide audience and hope that you could convince a significant percentage of them to buy your product or service.  Search engine marketing changed all this.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing is hugely effective as it can put you in front of your potential customers when they are actually looking for your product or service.  After a decade working in digital marketing, I have not come across any other form of advertising that predictably allows you to achieve this.

If a PPC marketing campaign is researched, implemented and maintained by an experienced professional it can be an extremely effective way to channel your advertising spend and return on advertising spend can be effectively measured and improved upon on an ongoing basis.

What is the difference between SEO & PPC?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is a digital marketing strategy that is implemented with the aim that you will increase the likelihood that your website will rank well organically on the organic(free) search engine results.   

Google has over 200 ranking factors to determine where a website will rank for any given search query, but this really boils down to 3 things, the technical quality of your website, the quality of the content and how popular your website appears to be.  The popularity of a website is mainly measured by the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your website.

Over the years the volume of paid search results on the search engine result pages have increased dramatically, and although SEO can be effective in isolation, the results are less predictable and will normally longer to achieve compared to PPC.

Will PPC work for any business?

The short answer is no.  PPC via the search engines generally only usually works well if there is a demand for the product or service.  I generally will not work with businesses if I feel that PPC will not be an effective route to market for them.

How much does PPC cost?

One of the benefits of PPC is the flexibility available to you as an advertiser when deciding how much that you wish to pay to show on Google's search engine result pages.  The reason for this is that you are given control of your daily budget and the amount that you wish to spend to advertise for any particular keyword.

As the name suggests, pay-per-click means that you only ever pay when your advert is clicked.  The amount that you have to pay to receive clicks is determined by a number of factors including your bid, levels of competition, quality of your adverts and the quality of your website.  The key point is that you have control over the amount that you are willing to spend for each click.

As you are charged each time an advert is clicked, it is important that you only advertise on keywords that are actually going to result in a sale or a lead for your business.

How do you know if PPC is working?

Measuring success is an extremely important part of any PPC campaign.  Once a carefully researched strategy is implemented, your campaigns need to be improved on an on-going basis to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on investment.  This is done by using various analytical techniques that will us to gauge exactly which keywords are generating sales or leads for your business.

For businesses that purely operate online this process is fairly straightforward.  However, if your business generates sales over the phone or via walk-ins, some additional work will likely be required to measure success.

Can you learn PPC yourself?

Yes!  There are numerous courses that you can do online to teach yourself PPC but it has taken me years of training and experience to get to a level that I feel confident working on large complex accounts.  When it comes to PPC it is easy to make expensive mistakes which is why it is important to seek professional advice or consultancy if you have little or no experience. 

I have trained numerous individuals that have gone on to have successful digital marketing careers, increased their earning potential or marketed their own business. If you are interested in one to one PPC training then please get in touch.

Why choose me to manage your PPC?

If you currently have a website then it is likely that you are contacted constantly by people offering search engine marketing services.  The reason for this is because anyone can easily claim that they are a PPC expert so it important to choose your consultant wisely. I'm happy to discuss the results that I've achieved and/or provide references. 

I have worked with businesses of all shape and sizes including one of the UK’s largest car retailers, international e-commerce businesses but also small local businesses too.  I also work with a number of digital agencies on a consultancy basis to help advise on digital strategy. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn page to see some of the feedback I’ve received from others that I have worked with closely in the past.

Here are a few ways in which I successfully helped businesses using PPC:

  • Saved a large fitness retailer over £110k(per year) by refining their PPC campaign while also significantly increasing revenue
  • Helped a boutique beauty eCommerce business massively increase revenue without increasing advertising spend by auditing their AdWords campaign and maintaining it on an ongoing basis
  • Effectively helped with the launch of a new Glasgow based restaurant by instantly generating bookings using a mixture of SEO & PPC
  • Increased an e-commerce client’s revenue by 154% in one month by refining their AdWords account
  • Helped generate a large volume of bookings for a prestigious hotel using a mixture of SEO & PPC Marketing
  • Implemented and maintained remarketing campaigns that allowed several businesses to market to customers that visited their website but left without making a purchase
  • Saved a company over £24k per year in wasteful marketing spend as a result of a 30-minute telephone consultation
  • Managed the whole marketing campaign for an entrepreneur that wanted to start their own part-time online business and through using SEO, PPC and email marketing I was able to help them generate over £100k of revenue within the first year of trading
  • Helped launch a local seafood restaurant by using a mixture of SEO, PPC & blogger outreach to generate bookings
  • Recruited an in-house team and managed the digital marketing department for one of the largest automotive companies in the UK

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