What is Dropshiply?

Have you ever heard of dropshipping?  If you’re reading this post you probably have and you’ll understand how timeconsuming it can be to build a dropship site on Shopify, Magento or WordPress. This has all changed with the introduction of Dropshiply.  

Dropshiply is an eCommerce platform that allows you to launch a dropshipping store with the click of a few buttons, literally in minutes, and the best part about it is that it doesn’t need a paid for 3rd party web platform such as Shopify so there are no monthly fees.

Fancy seeing how it works?  Check out the Dropshiply video below.



I will be adding more to this review soon, but here’s some more key information for now…

  • A powerful dashboard allows you to see sales and order data
  • Get SEO stats relating to page titles, meta descriptions, domain authority and more
  • A powerful product finder will help you find which niches are likely to generate money
  • A number of marketplace spy tools such as Ali Express Spy Tool, eBay Spy & Walmart product finder will help you grab key stats on the best products
  • A ‘1 click’ product import tool allows you to have a full store in literally minutes


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