Google SERP Diversity Update

I previously did that a post that mentioned what a great job TripAdvisor was doing at getting a massive amount of multiple listings on the search engine results pages but Google have now put a stop to this with it recent update.

Matt mentioned on Twitter that Google have rolled out a small algorithm change that will improve the diversity of results in terms of different domains being returned for any given search.

Below is an example of a search using the keywords ‘number16 Glasgow’ and will show you the before and after results and will give you an idea of what to expect with the latest update.

Before Diversity Update

Before Diversity Update

After Diversity Update

Search Results After Diversity Update

After Diversity Update

So there you go!

Before the diversity update TripAdvisor had multiple listings for several searches in the following format ‘restaurant name + location’.

This isn’t so good for big authority sites such as TripAdvisor but it could be a huge victory for the little guy as they will now have a better chance of ranking high on the search engine result pages.

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Seo-97 form2012-09-19 23:56:37

Thanks for the heads up. While general keyword research is extremely important, it is wise to dig a little deeper into related words and longtail phrases to expand the reach of the article in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization, is an important consideration when putting anything on the internet.


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