If you need a new Shopify website, development support or help with marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

Find out why after using other website platforms for over 10 years I decided to invest in a Shopify development agency

and why Shopify is now my web platform of choice for eCommerce Businesses.

Why do I recommend Shopify?

After over a decade working with businesses across the world to help them develop and implement eCommerce strategies, I have had exposure to a multitude of web platforms including Magento, WordPress(WooCommerce), Umbraco, Sitecore & more.  I know about the benefits of many of these platforms and I am also aware of their limitations.

When I first discovered Shopify a few years ago, I was initially skeptical as, at the time, hosted solutions had a bad reputation and came across as very amateurish. However, over time, Shopify has changed my mind and it has now become my initial platform of choice for most eCommerce projects.

Hosted platforms are often very restrictive and what you can do to enhance your site from a performance perspective was often limited.  Also, most hosted platforms had severe limitations from an SEO perspective, and for any business wishing to attract visitors from Google, this is hugely important.

Why did I change my mind about Shopify?

The reason I changed my mind about Shopify is because I started using the platform.  Sure there are a couple of limitations, but most of them are extremely superficial and the benefits far outweigh this small challenge.  In saying that, in my 3 years of working with Shopify, I am yet to come across anything that was important to the success of an eCommerce business that I have been unable to do.   In fact, compared to many other platforms, Shopify is more flexible in many ways and due to the development community, you can great a lot of great functionality at a low price which may be cost-prohibitive on other platforms such as Magento.

Here’s a few frequently asked questions I get asked relating to Shopify.

Is Shopify Development Expensive?

Compared to development costs on platforms such as Magento 2, Shopify sites are typically more cost-effective as development takes less time.

Are there on-going costs with Shopify?

As with any website there are on-going costs relating to Shopify such as the cost to use the platform.  However, compared to other platforms on-going cost is normally significantly less when you take into account the money saved on hosting, updates and maintenance.

Will my business outgrow Shopify?

If your business becomes large enough that it has outgrown Shopify then it is likely you are in a brilliant position.  However, if you do find yourself in that position then you can simply upgrade to the enterprise version of the platform called Shopify Plus.

How quickly can you build a website on Shopify?

That’s a tricky question as it really depends on your exact requirements but it’s usually at least 30% faster compared to building a site on another platform.

Should I choose Magento 2 or Shopify?

If you would like to arrange a discussion to talk about this in more detail then feel free to get in touch.  I work with development agencies who are able to both develop on Magento 2 and Shopify, and although Magento 2 has many great features, Shopify is quickly becoming my go-to solution.

Who should I get to build my Shopify website?

I recommend a company called Deft Digital based in Glasgow.  The reason I recommend them is because I invested in the business as a result of the quality of work and the calibre of eCommerce professionals that work with the business.

What next?

If you would like to discuss your requirements further contact me by filling out this form or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.  Also, check out Deft Digital if you want some expert Shopify help.