How to get a backlink from The Guardian


In this article I’m going to reveal exactly how I was first able to write for The Guardian and how I managed to get some backlinks too.

This takes a little bit of effort...

First of all, I would like to say that if you are not willing to put in some time and a bit of effort into this process, then this may not be for you. However, if you value high-quality links and don't mind working for them, then keep reading.

The Back Story

I've  only been working in SEO full-time for a few years and when I worked agency side I found it difficult to allocate time to personal blogging while also servicing clients, learning, testing and staying up to date with the constant changes in the industry. Damn you Panda!

I knew the importance of blogging as this was something that I did for clients, I was even able to help a client write a blog that earned them national news coverage and turned them into a bit of a local celebrity.  However, I was never able to find the time to do any personal blogging.

Although I understood that I should be blogging to improve my 'personal brand', I never thought not doing it would be a major problem for me until I decided that I wanted to change jobs and I was asked during an interview how often I blogged. When I told the interviewer that I don't really blog that much on a personal basis they were clearly unimpressed. I wasn't really surprised when I didn't get the job.

Upon reflection at my substandard interview performance I realised that I had to start blogging more or it could negatively affect my career path. I didn't spend much time on forums, I never interacted that much on Moz and didn't have a huge Twitter following. Everything I learned about SEO was from books, videos and by following the work of a select few really good SEO professionals such as Shaun Anderson, Martin Macdonald and Rishi Lakhani.

My OCD kicked in..

I became obsessed and convinced myself that I had to get my name out there, I had to get my name known in the industry otherwise it would affect my future career prospects.

Unfortunately my spelling and grammar is absolutely horrific to say the least and I would class myself as a good writer.

After having a long think about which websites I would like to write for, I decided that I would love to write for The Guardian as they seem to be a lot more trusted than most online news resources. I knew they wouldn't accept content from me for the same reasons as the interview didn't like my answer(I hadn't proven myself yet).

So here are the steps that I took to get a backlink from The Guardian.

Learning & Testing

Just like with SEO I had to test. I had to find out which content resonates with people.

I started writing blog posts such as this one that told SEOs that they need to learn about social media or get left behind which fell flat on its face. My logic behind it was that if it scares folk, they might share it. Unfortunately I was wrong and it probably only irritated a few folk, but I plodded on, putting out articles and the traffic started to trickle in.

Ryan Holiday

I also wanted to learn from others with experience and this is when I discovered Ryan Holiday. Ryan Holiday does PR for people such as Tucker Max and companies like American Apparel. I learned a lot from his blog posts and book - Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator.

Some of the ideas in the book (which he advises you not to use) are absolutely appalling and I didn't want to go down that route but the book was incredibly helpful in teaching me what type of content spreads and the economics of News & Blog sites.

I basically learned from that book that if you are are not a great writer, or have nothing decent to write about, then you can write to about an emotive subject as this type of content is more likely to spread. The same idea of what Samantha Brick does when she pretends to people that she finds life hard because she is so beautiful. Samantha managed to enrage a lot of folk, I didn't fancy that tactic myself but it gave me a few ideas.

What are they looking for?

He also writes about what journalists and news sites look for before publishing a story, this information was incredibly useful.

Advertising funded websites are always looking for decent content, they make their money based on the number of ad impressions so if you can prove that you're blog posts generate traffic, then there is an increased chance of them publishing your content.

My research lead me  to Seth Godin and after reading a few of his books including The Purple Cow, I felt that I had learned a lot more about marketing in general. Purple Cow, which is an excellent book was recommended to me by Ammon Johns when I asked for advice from him on Linkedin. Thanks for the advice Ammon!

Laying the foundations

Although my personal blog posts were generating a bit of traffic and a few shares, it still wasn't enough to prove myself to the The Guardian. I knew I had to do something else so I reached out to Search Engine Land to let them know about my blog post that I had written about the leaked Google Quality documents. Another win! They linked to me and mentioned my name so I could say that I have been quoted in one of the best industry news websites.

Writing the article

I knew that if I wanted to get my article in The Guardian it had to be better quality than all of my other articles and about a subject and would appeal to online marketers and average readers.

I decided to write about the issues relating to Google pushing affiliate style offers directly while at the same time many affiliate sites were dropping rankings in the search engine result pages due to the Panda & Penguin updates.

I completed the article but I was leaving nothing to chance. I asked my girlfriend’s mum who is an English Teacher to have a look over it for me, she got the big red pen out and by the end of the corrections it looked like my article was involved in a violent street attack.

I had a contact that could put me in touch with an ex-journalist who also checked the article for me and made a few small amendments.

Time to get it over to them..

At this point the article was ready to send, but I didn't want it coming straight from me. I felt that if I sent it directly it may be viewed differently than if someone else sent it. I previously worked in recruitment and learned that when trying to sell certain aspects of yourself, in some situations it's better if someone else is promoting your positive attributes.

I got in touch with a contact and pass that is involved in offline PR and asked if they could send the article for me from their company email address. I found the email address on The Guardian website for my contact to use and passed them that information.

I asked him to mention that I've been quoted on industry news websites and that I have my own blog, I made sure that my most popular blog post was the first one that they saw.   I didn't ask for a link at this point.

The Result

I managed to get this article published in The Guardian.

Not finished yet…

After the article was finished I promoted it hell out of it. I asked friends and family members to Share, Tweet and Like. I found people that shared the article on Twitter and thanked them for doing so. I made sure someone who enjoyed the article added it the Inbound and the feedback that I got from The Guardian was that it done pretty well.

It's not over yet

Once my foot was in the door and I proved that I could write a decent article that attracted visitors to their site, the door was open for me and I was able to submit another article that was also published, this time they included a link back to the company I was working with at the time.

I have also managed to introduce other people to my contacts there who have also gone on to write for them which is great.


1)      Prove that you can generate traffic to an article

2)      Try to get a mention on a smaller news site first

3)      Write a decent article and get others to read over it for you

4)      Ask someone else to submit the article for you

5)      Promote the hell out of the article once it has been published

6)      Thank your contact for letting you publish an article on their website

7)      Come back and tell me how you got on

Thanks for reading!

I thought it was time for me to spill the beans and give something back to the SEO community who have been extremely kind to me so I hope you enjoyed the article.


Sooz August 29, 2013

So when are you doing my guest blog :)

Noman Ali August 29, 2013

Well, this one will help alot SEO and marketers become a news site author that was very hard to happen before this but now i think it will become little easy for them, thanks for this piece of awesomeness..

Gor August 29, 2013

Wow! Thanks for the amazing feedback Noman.

Gor August 29, 2013


Ammon Johns August 29, 2013

>> Thanks for the advice Ammon! You're very welcome. Thank you for actually using it, and doing so well. The hardest part of giving advice is that one always knows most that you give it to won't use it.

Gor August 29, 2013

Hello Floris, Once you get quoted on an authority website, it becomes easier to get links from other websites as it builds social proof. So I've probably gained links, and even more valuable than that, more connections as a result of writing those articles. Have a look at Rand Fishkins Flywheel Video which is a good concept to remember. I still don't do that much personal blogging, but I have applied the same principles to my client's website and have had some success. Gordon

Gor August 29, 2013

Ammon, I took your advice and it transformed the way I think about SEO and marketing in general. I'm going to revisit The Purple Cow again, it's an amazing read! Thanks again, Gordon

Tim Pike August 29, 2013

Hi there, So, it's basically who you know rather than what you know? The article looks great- I'll give you that, but I'm sure there are plenty of people that have articles that could have been published in the Guardian. What was the process behind getting to know this guy at the offline PR agency? An old university friend, a childhood friend? Good point having someone else sell it for you though, I agree with that point. Cheers, Tim

Gor August 29, 2013

Hi Tim, No, its not about that at all. With regards to 'the article looks great- I’ll give you that, but I’m sure there are plenty of people that have articles that could have been published in the Guardian' - that's one of the major points of the article.... The PR contact was someone who was a contact of my manager, I asked him to get him to send it because I felt that would seem more natural but I don't think that is 100% required as subsequent articles were sent in direct by me and were published. Thanks for the comment, Gordon

Vivo October 18, 2013

Hi Thanks for this, very detailed, I am really tempted to actually try this, step by step. Cheers

JW January 13, 2014

Did you see a significant and prolonged upturn in search referrals after getting the links? Does a good link really make such a big difference today? Or was it all direct click-throughs from the site?

Gordon Campbell January 13, 2014

Hello JW, great question. It's difficult to determine the impact of one link to a site as there is always other things going on in any website's 'eco system'. What I will say though is that getting high-quality backlinks is still the best thing you can do to help your website rank well, presuming your content and other on-page factors are up to scratch too. So, to answer your question, this link in isolation won't make a significant impact on your website if you are targetting highly competitive keywords, but if you have a large amount of high quality links, collectively they WILL lead to higher search engine rankings. Hope this helps.

Liquor Online December 18, 2014

It really takes an effort to get backlink from The Guardian or BBC uk.

Joshy March 29, 2015

Wow - amazing work, Gordon, very impressive! I'd love to give something similar a whirl someday soon.

Mo Codes July 29, 2015

Excellent work. That article itself actually is now PR1. Would love to achieve something similiar on The Guardian or Huffington Post, with an article in my fitness niche.

Smith October 5, 2015

This article helped me a lot. I have tried to get backlinks from many of websites like BBC, Wikipedia and so on but those are not easy. Those are so much hard to get.

Tauseef Alam November 23, 2015

You are absolutely right. Gaining a backlink from authority news sites is really difficult and require lots of efforts. You have to prove yourself to get a backlink from their.

Luke May 3, 2016

Great job! I've been trying to get a post published on The Guardian for years. Problem I have is that I can't ever get a journalist to respond to my pitch.

NIno September 15, 2016

Hi, Great article but you haven`t mention which channel was used to contact journalists. Was it through LinkedIn or direct email (as Luke mentioned journalists mostly do not even respond). thx

Lonare August 8, 2017

Hi there, So, it’s basically who you know rather than what you know? The article looks great- I’ll give you that, but I’m sure there are plenty of people that have articles that could have been published in the Guardian. What was the process behind getting to know this guy at the offline PR agency? An old university friend, a childhood friend? Good point having someone else sell it for you though, I agree with that point. Cheers,

Meith Jain November 29, 2018

This article helped me a lot. I have tried to get backlinks from many of websites like BBC, Wikipedia and so on but those are not easy. Those are so much hard to get.

Pete Lumsden February 28, 2019

Hi Gordon Sorry for coming to the party late. That's a fantastic article and still sitting high in google listings too. I'm just curious if it's still relevant given the updates from google since you wrote it? Thanks Pete

Sudarhsan May 10, 2019

Thanks for giving this information. It helps to improve link building strategy.

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