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How Much Does SEMrush Cost & can I get it Cheaper?

How Much does SEMrush cost?

SEMRush has 3 main price plans, Pro, Guru and Business.  The Pro plan comes with a fee of $99.95 per month, the guru plan is $199.95 per month and the business plan starts at $399.95.  There is also a free plan available, and if you buy a year’s subscription, the total sum you pay is less. Further information on SEMrush price can be found in the table below.

Package Monthly Price Annual Price
SEMrush Pro $119.95 $1199.40
SEMrush Guru $229.95 $2299.44
SEMrush Business $449.95 $4499,40

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Is SEMrush Any Good?

SEMrush is definitely one of the best SEO available on the market.  It has a number of incredible features such as allowing you to find out exactly what your website and your competitor’s websites are ranking for.  It even allows you to gain insight into which keywords your competitors are bidding on from a PPC perspective, this is the next best thing from having access to the Google Ads account.

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7 Reasons Why SEMrush is the only search engine marketing tool you’ll ever need

SEMrush is without a doubt one of the best SEO & PPC tools there is.  For me, it’s the swiss army knife of SEO.  You can use it to carry out SEO keyword research, PPC keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis and much more.

Reason 1: It works for most websites

I’ve used SEMrush on business turning over as little as £60,000 per year right up to massive companies turning over billions During my time at Lookers, one of the largest car retailers in Britain, I really came to understand the value of SEMrush as it helped me deliver incredible results for that particular business.

Most similar tools I have tried just don’t deliver the level of detail that I needed.  SEMrush never lets me down.

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Reason 2: You can use it to see competitor’s keywords & even reverse engineer their whole search strategy

I’ve had so many people thanking me for helping them succeed online by showing them how to reverse-engineer their competitor’s SEO & PPC strategy.  The truth is, SEMrush has been my secret weapon and I would find it very difficult to achieve without the use of this tool. This tool literally allows you the spy on what your competitors are doing in Google AdWords, or Google Ads as it’s been renamed.

How do you use this tool to see competitor’s keywords?

It’s simple, you just drop your competitor’s URL into the SEMrush tool and then select whether you want to see organic or paid keywords.  The keyword gap analysis tool is fantastic,  this allows you to compare your own keywords to your competitor’s and then find gaps. For example, you could use this tool to find keywords that your competitors rank for but you do not.

The gap analysis tool, shown in the above image, is another one of my favourite features as it allows you to simply enter your competitor’s website address and compare your organic or paid search presence to theirs.

Top Tip:  Even if you don’t do any PPC and you want a hint at which keywords are likely to convert well, take a look at your competitor’s PPC report as it will show you which keywords they find profitable enough to bid on.

Check out my blog post to find out how you can reverse-engineer your competitor’s entire search engine marketing strategy using SEMrush.

Reason 3: It can help you identify ranking issues

SEMrush allows you to see organic and paid search performance over a period which means it can be very helpful to identify problems. It also surfaces Google update information which can help you pinpoint the exact cause of ranking issues.

SEMrush line graph screenshot

This has been instrumental in allowing me to identify and eventually fix problems that have arisen because of an algorithm change.

Reason 4: Automatic ranking tracking

SEMrush automatically shows where you rank on the search engine result pages for any given keyword.  This can also be used to determine exactly where your competitors ranking across thousands of keywords.

I often use the filter function on the rank tracking tool to find keywords where I rank on page 2 and then work to push the keywords on to page one.  It literally takes seconds to find hundreds of opportunities using SEMrush.

Reason 5: It’s probably the best keyword research tool there is

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool is simply incredible.  All you need to do is enter a single seed keyword and SEMrush quickly generates thousands of keyword ideas.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool Screenshot

In the above example, I selected the keyword ‘fishing rod’. SEMrush generated over 50 pages of excellent keyword ideas. This volume may sound a bit overwhelming, but the tool also automatically categories keyword ideas using the filter on the left-hand side.

Reason 6: It has a brilliant backlink analysis tool

If you’re involved in SEO you will know that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors, and although SEMrush is normally used for keyword research and competitor analysis, it also has a powerful backlink tool within its suite of tools.

SEMrush backlink analysis screenshot

The above image shows a screenshot of the backlink analysis tool, it is rich with features and lets you see exactly which websites link to you.  More importantly, it also allows you to see which websites link to your competitors.

Reason 7:  It really is the swiss army knife of search engine marketing

SEMrush has done a fantastic job of cornering the market and securing its place as the number 1 keyword analysis tool, but it really does have a raft of other features that I haven’t even touched on during this post.

Other features include the ability to generate content ideas, backlink gap analysis, display advertising analysis and Google Shopping analysis.

It is constantly adding new features which makes it a tool that offers tremendous value for money.

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