AdWords Proficiency: A Fast Track Course


This page contains links and resources for people who are taking part in the AdWords Proficiency Fast Track course.

Also, as mentioned in the intro video, this course will only focus on the elements of Google AdWords that you need to understand to get up to speed really quickly.  The videos will be straight to the point and will not contain any fluff.

The password you will need to use to view the videos is f4strack.

Before you start the lessons, please make sure you watch the introduction video.

Module 1

Lesson 1: What is PPC and Google AdWords?

Description: This video looks at what exactly is meant by the term PPC and what Google AdWords is actually used for.  It also looks at the differences between PPC & SEO.


Lesson 2: AdWords Account Structure & Best Practices

Description: This lesson looks at how Google AdWords is structured and shares some best practices.


Lesson 3: The truth about how keywords ACTUALLY work

Description: This lesson looks at how keywords really work and show you how to prevent one of the most expensive mistakes you can make when using AdWords.


Lesson 4: A Brief Introduction to Negative Keywords

Description: This lesson will teach you how you can minimise wasted AdWords spend by using negative keywords.


Lesson 5: The Anatomy of the Perfect Ad

Description: Check out this lesson to find out how to write winning search ads that stand out against the competition.


Facebook Group

If you join quickly you can still get free access to the AdWords Proficiency private Facebook Group.