About Me

I am a Glasgow based Digital Marketing Consultant and throughout my career, I have been lucky enough to be involved in most areas of digital marketing

My main focus is helping businesses increase the volume of relevant visitors to their website while also increasing the likelihood that visitors will become paying customers. This means that I increase traffic by utilising a variety of digital marketing strategies including SEOPPC, Digital PR and Social Media Marketing.

To help improve the chances that visitors become buyers, I also work to improve website conversion rate using a variety of CRO(conversion rate optimisation) techniques including A/B, data analysis and multivariate testing.

Although my main focus has always been search engine marketing, in recent years I’ve also been heavily involved in digital project management and have successfully delivered a number of web projects.  this means that I am well-placed to provide a holistic digital marketing solution to businesses of just about any size.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing about digital marketing and I’ve been published on websites such as The Guardian and State of Digital.

I have worked experience across a large volume of industries including automotivedentistryfinancefitness and hospitality. I also provide strategic direction to a number of agencies when specialist knowledge is required.







Here are a few articles I’ve written in the past:

This article was very well received and appealed to both new and experienced digital marketers
I wrote this blog post to help people who are interested in a career in digital marketing
I wrote this article for The Guardian a number of years ago to raise the alarm about negative SEO
This article looks at strategies to get your website featured in the media and contains some examples that may or may not have involved me


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