PPC Services

During my digital marketing career I have worked with small businesses with budgets as low as £300 right up to massive retailers, including one of theUK’s largest automotive business, who spend millions of pounds each year on PPC marketing.  Regardless of the size of the business, my approach is always very similar, I ensure that every penny spent is focused on generating a measurable return.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing is hugely effective as it can put you in front of your potential customers when they are actually looking for your product or service.

If a PPC marketing campaign is researched, implemented and maintained by an experienced professional it can be an effective way to channel your advertising spend and return on advertising spend can be effectively measured and improved upon on an ongoing basis.

PPC is often done alongside an SEO campaign and each channel can compliment the other allowing you to take advantage of a large amount of real estate on the first page of Google for any given search query.

Here are a few ways in which I successfully helped businesses using PPC:

  • Saved a large fitness retailer over £110k(per year) by refining their PPC campaign while also significantly increasing revenue
  • Helped a boutique beauty eCommerce business massively increase revenue without increasing advertising spend by auditing their AdWords campaign and maintaining it on an ongoing basis
  • Effectively helped with the launch of a new Glasgow based restaurant by instantly generating bookings using a mixture of SEO & PPC
  • Responsible for marketing budgets of over £1m per year
  • Increased an ecommerce client’s revenue by 154% in one month by refining their AdWords account
  • Helped generate a large amount of bookings for a prestigious hotel using a mixture of SEO & PPC Marketing
  • Implemented and maintained remarketing campaigns that allowed several businesses to market to customers that visited their website but left without making a purchase
  • Saved a company over £24k per year in wasteful marketing spend as a result of a 30min telephone consultation
  • Managed the whole marketing campaign for a entrepreneur that wanted to start their own part-time online business and through using SEO, PPC and email marketing I was able to help them generate over £100k of revenue within the first year of trading
  • Helped launch a local seafood restaurant by using a mixture of SEO, PPC & blogger outreach to generate bookings
  • Recruited an in-house team and managed the digital marketing department for one of the largest automotive companies in the UK

About Me

My day job involves working with one of the UK’s largest car dealership groups as a Digital Marketing Manager. I previously worked for one of the UK’s largest fitness retailers and was responsible for their online marketing activity and managed a large online marketing spend. Previous to that I was the Head of Online Marketing for an online marketing agency based in Glasgow.

I’m particularly interested in working with businesses that feel their current PPC spend is inefficient and would like to improve their return. I am also interested in hearing from start-up businesses that require help setting up PPC and/or ongoing PPC management.

I’ve also recently been approached by a few companies that would like investment in the form of sweat equity, this is something that I’m particularly interested in and could be the perfect solution for businesses that cannot yet afford the financial investment required for online marketing services.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.