Message to SEOs – Learn Social Media or Get Left Behind

Don’t get left behind

‘Like’ it or not, search engine marketers need to start getting involved in social media otherwise they are going to get left behind in the big bad world of online marketing.

Profit of Doom

I’m sorry to be a profit of doom in my very first blog post on a website that I created just 5mins ago but this is something that most SEOs will need to wake up to or potentially risk losing your livelihood.

I know this might be hard to take especially after all the time that you’ve put into learning SEO but I hope this post leaves you with some more enthusiasm for social media marketing.

The above statement probably sounds obvious to most SEOs as they will be well aware that social is playing a big part in determining a sites search engine rankings, but this is not the only reason I am advocating that you get more involved in social.

I don’t think that learning the latest tricks on how we can use social to manipulate Google’s rankings is enough, this is what plenty of SEO’s have been doing for years, and look what happened after the last few Panda updates and of course the kick in the arse that lots of SEOs got after Penguin.

Social media marketing should be seen as a service to enhance, and compliment, every SEO campaign. The success of social media marketing will hugely depend on the business vertical, but I wouldn’t dismiss it completely because you clients business appears to be boring.

Social Media Marketing Is Awesome

Some SEO’s turn their nose up to social media marketing because they find it non-technical and a bit boring. However, there are loads of things to get excited about when it comes to social media marketing.


Take Edgerank for example. Edgerank is the name given to Facebook’s algorithm created to govern what information will appear in someone’s news stream. Edgerank is something that you can play about with and once you understand it, you will start to understand how to get your information ranked highly on your friends / fans Facebook page.

Facebook Ads

Another great feature is Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads REALLY excite me. I have been furiously experimenting and I’m delighted with the results. It’s possible to get Facebook ‘Likes’ for as little as 1p and as you can target users based on their demographics you can really make sure that you build a passionate fan base that will interact with you and hopefully help you increase your Edgerank!

Passionate Relevant Fans

During my experiments I’ve managed to build pages in the space of a few days and collect around 700 real followers with very little effort and it cost me less than £10.00. These pages are hobby pages at the moment but I feel it would be possible to monetise them in the future.

Try something new today..

SEO is amazing and the playing field is constantly changing, but if you fancy trying something new, give social media marketing a try as it offers a very exciting alternative!

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