Google Disavow Tool Finally Launched

Negative SEO

I have recently written an article that was featured on The Guardian news site about the dangers of negative SEO practices. Negative SEO is a real problem for businesses which could potentially eradicate your site from the search engine results pages.

Disavow Tool

At the time of writing the article, there wasn’t really anything you can do to stop, or protect against it, however Google have just released a disavow tool which should help protect you slightly.

The disavow tool allows you to indicate to Google which links you feel are having a negative impact on your website’s rankings.

This will not stop people launching negative SEO attacks against your site but it may help temporary stop the damage, or completely reverse it if you stay on top of it, something that could take up a lot of your time.


This tool is great if you have a small amount of links that you wish to disavow, but it is unclear if it will actually help people who are being attacked by a negative SEO practitioner as it is possible for these guys to build thousands of bad links daily.


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