Have Facebook Sold Out?

Facebook Promoted Personal Posts

With the introduction of promoted posts for personal Facebook profiles you can now pay to be popular.

If you are aware of the Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm you will understand that Facebook filters out content that it believes is irrelevant to you.  This was causing problems for business pages as content wasn’t reaching as many followers as the business page owners would like.

The solution to this problem was to introduce promoted posts. Promoted posts allow you to bypass Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm if you were willing to pay a fee to do so.

This all sounds fair, but now Facebook has introduced a system were you can pay to have posts from your personal account appear higher on someone’s Newsfeed.

What this means is that although Facebook has a system to serve you content that you want to see, they are willing to bypass this system for a fee.

What does this mean?

Well firstly, when you login to Facebook and it says ‘Facebook is free and always will be’ – this is now a bit misleading as it is no longer exactly true.

Although it is still free for most users, if you are not willing to pay to have your posts promoted, it means that people who are willing to pay will get more interaction from their ‘friends’.

Is this the way a social network should work?

So have Facebook sold out?


Matthew Marley2012-10-22 08:26:18

Facebook sucks, we should all just use Google+ :)


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